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CAPS Services

What is CAPS?

Counseling and Psychological Services, a division of the Counseling and Career Center, provides individual, group and couples therapy for eligible students who are struggling with mental health, emotional, or behavioral struggles. Services are provided by more than 25 PhD-level psychologists, as well as doctoral students in training. All therapy sessions are free and confidential.

Once a student becomes a client at CAPS, the terms of confidentiality apply fully. Unless the student signs a “Consent for Release of Information”, CAPS may release no further information about the student. The terms of client confidentiality are in accordance with the legal, ethical and professional mandates of the licensing boards governing the practices of all licensed professionals providing services in CAPS. Confidentiality changes when students express being an immediate danger to themselves or others. In cases of imminent danger, a therapist will break confidentiality to ensure further help and safety for a client. This may involve contacting police, medical assistance or family.

We espouse a Counseling Center philosophy recognizing that our mission is to assist students in fulfilling their educational goals. Clinicians generally work from a short-term therapy model, with our primary focus on providing brief, confidential counseling services. When students require more intensive mental health services that are beyond the role and scope of BYU CAPS, we will make appropriate referrals to campus and community resources.

All full-time and 3/4-time BYU students are eligible for services. Part-time students, evening/visiting students, and faculty/staff are not eligible for counseling services. Non-student partners in a couple may attend couples counseling with their full or 3/4-time student partner.

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