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Students living with a visible or hidden disability have special needs as a result of their conditions. Students who have documentation of a physical, learning, or psychiatric disability are eligible to receive accommodations from the University Accessibility Center (UAC). These accommodations can be any reasonable adjustments to the academic environment that address the barriers to learning, and assist students in achieving their academic and career aspirations. Information on students with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and psychiatric/psychological disabilities can be found in the sections that follow.

When you suspect a student may have a disability:


  1. Speak to the student in private about your concerns.
  2. Refer the student to the University Accessibility Center (801.422.2767;
  3. Acknowledge the difficulties the student is experiencing.
  4. Be sensitive to the impact that the disability may have on the student's self-esteem. REWORD
  5. Be aware that the UAC may need to contact a faculty member and/or T. A. to follow up on accommodations.
  6. Be aware that all disabilities need medical documentation before the student is eligible for accommodations.


  1. Assume the student knows s/he may qualify for accommodations through the UAC.
  2. Assume the student wants to receive accommodations.
  3. Pressure the student to acknowledge his/her disability.
  4. Speak to the student in a derogatory manner.