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How CAPS Can Help Ecclesiastical Leaders

Each individual’s process of becoming is unique and sometimes bumpy. Working with these individuals can be overwhelming and you might be left at a loss of how to intervene. This section of our website will help you gather ideas of how to invite initial conversations with those in your charge.

At CAPS we are interested in helping you attend to the mental health needs of those in your congregations. Those over whom you have stewardship include hundreds of developing individuals, working at establishing temporal competence in many ways. Some of these areas include gaining independence, learning to manage emotion, solidifying self-identity and defining their own ethical values.

CAPS counselors are available for consultation with ecclesiastical leaders and offer free therapy services for full-time, daytime BYU students. CAPS faculty will consult about a student, provide referrals to campus departments, develop actions plans, and follow up as appropriate.

Be aware that CAPS faculty adhere strictly to ethical and legal practices of confidentiality. Counselors are available for consultation and appointments during working hours.

In crisis situations, CAPS also provides after-hours phone consultation (after 4 pm MT) for church leaders, faculty, staff and students who may be concerned about a distressed student during weekends, evenings or holidays: call 801.422.3035 and follow the recorded instructions to access a crisis specialist.